Listening to Paintings is an innovative program of music, art and poetry, presented by Opera Roanoke Artistic Director Scott Williamson. Pairing paintings in the Taubman Museum of Art with songs, arias and poems, the program offers attendees of all ages the opportunity to experience these various genres in a unique context. Listening to a live performance of a vocal nocturne while looking at similarly themed paintings, for example, offers art lovers an extra-sensory window into the artistic experience.

Listening to Paintings programs are a regular component of the Taubman Museum of Art’s offerings. In addition to the popular “Listening to Paintings” pairings of art and vocal music, Artistic Director Scott Williamson has taught “museum studies” courses to art students across the region. Drawing on opera’s rich history of interdisciplinary, multimedia collaboration, these classes explore the connections between music and painting, architecture, sculpture, photography, theatre and among other genres, literature and poetry.